AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 2.8 Free Download

AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition

All-My-Notes Organizer advantages.

The idea is not to make scarcely used tool, fairly a smart Swiss Blade, we deliver you with “bricks”, and ready of them it’s easy to figure whatsoever you like. Main “bricks” are: data encryption, Panics, Checkboxes, Tables, File-Attachments, Icons, Strong password-generator, instinctive url/email/phone hyperlinking, Ranked association of records (by topic), Sorting, blazing wild Search thru all your info.

Now let’s see what you want? Say, you want a diary – use single notes to group journals by topic/dates, plus, set up a key to control access to your data, after all, your diary is private item, right? What else? A Key-management! Use PIN maker to make strong, safe passwords, save every password in single note, it’s suitable to also save several account restore info, as well as payment history linked to that version, it’s good to keep all linked material grouped organized. Now, you got the idea, quantity of uses is very wide, with a little imaginary there is no limit 🙂

AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition 2.8 Coordinator is a free-form information administrator, an outliner app for Windows, with it you can store not just notes, but also establish contacts, task-lists, project-planning, save journal, all your data is stored in one, password-protected storing file, on your own PC, away from public clouds and third-party sites.
Our aim is to create a safe and moveable OneNote unusual – tiny and yet powerful, quick, erudite, and beautiful, and we trust, we are attaining this objective 🙂

Knowledge the brightest Outliner application ever! Save all your data well ordered, securely threatened by key, have your data ready for fast access and fast search with AllMyNotes Organizer!you can use it for your private notes or data and also put password on it and save it from Publicly and steelier .


AllMyNotes Organizer Deluxe Edition Free Download 




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