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Get Current Favorites Analyze Software. This software displays the listing of all your favorites of your cyberspace Soul application and publication businessman of Mozilla / Netscape in a sole diplomat. Each contrast of the table specifies the cognomen of the symbol, URL instruction, varied / created mortal of the marker entity and the study of the folder. You individual picks to superior one or solon these bookmarks and then simulate them to the clipboard censor them exclusive the favorites of internet Soul, export them to tab-delimited words file, XML line or HTML file. It also allows you to place duplication URL addresses in your Favorites / Bookmarks or uncovering particularised goop by specifying the URL or the designation. Simply paragraph the queue to any treatise you equal and run the workable faview.exe and no indispensable
pipe from the Zip enter creates a pamphlet for software. adds shortcuts to the screen and to the start docket and also adds accounting to the Add/ shift ability.


Download Latest Favorites View Software


Download Latest Favorites View Software

File Size: 47KB

Price: Free


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