GSA Search Engine Ranker & Captcha Breaker UnLimited Trial Method

With the help of this method you can have unlimited attempt of both GSA softwares Search Engine Ranker + Captcha Breaker.The downside of this method is you have to restart Captcha Breaker every 500 captchas and you are able to have only 300 offer a day with Search Engine Ranker, also the nag screen pops out once in a while.I have tested this office on Windows XP SP2 and it works. I haven’t tested it on Vista and Windows 7 so I don’t know if it movement or not.

So here it goes:

1.Download Run As Date from here


2. In the field Application to run browse for GSA_CapBreak.exe or Search_Engine_Ranker.exe

3. In the field Date enter the date the program was installed for the first time. You can check it by going to : Start -> Run -> type in

%APPDATA% and look for GSA folders. Check the file properties for the date when program was installed for the first time.

4. Change the time to 00:00:00 if you can, if not just leave it the way it is.

5. Tick the boxes as shown in the picture below and in the “seconds” field input 120

6. Create the desktop shortcut ( enter the name for the shortcut you will be using instead of the original shortcut)

Picture below explains everything

Important: If you have tried installing GSA Captcha Breaker or SER more than once you will need to cleanup all the traces that GSA programs left on your PC. This method works every time when you install GSA software for the first time, so you can try to install it on Virtual Machine with no previous GSA installations.

GSA Captcha Breaker Download


GSA Search Engine Ranker Download


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