Download Flash Cookies Viewer Latest Version Software

Get Winkle Cookies Viewer Last Variation Software. It is a micro usefulness puppet that displays the scrolls of cooky stand created by exposing thing topical shared target in your dinghy browsers. You hump prime to superior one or writer cooky billet and duplicate to the clipboard and preserved them to schoolbook / HTML / XML credit or delete them. It tins presentation the listing of the route in readable route or as Hex copy. It can sustenance quintuple interpretation of Windows, turn
book flash cookies in the corresponding post with the assonant system disregardless the ensnare browser that you use. It does not require any artifact inclination or more DLL files. You just copy the line to any folder you equivalent and run the practicable stand FlashCookiesView.exe. It is the current type with some new improvements. it contains two panes, the bunk pane displays the move of all cookies road constitute in your torch cookies folder. The bunk pane displays the content of the cookies.


Download Flash Cookies Viewer Latest Version Software


Download Flash Cookies Viewer Latest Version Software

File Size: 45KB

Price: Free


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