Fix Genius All In one Software Free Download

Fix Genius All In one Software


Start Windows from CD/DVD/USB Drive

Fix Genius All In one Software is use When your Windows comes through system problems or boot-up problems, usually you can’t start your computer. However, Fix Genius could burn a Windows start-up disk with a CD/DVD or USB. You can then repair various Windows boot errors, recover misplaced Windows login password & Microsoft product key & lost data and build partition with the system recovery disk.


Fix Genius All In one Software

Fix All Windows Boot Errors

This Windows system restore software maintenances to repair various Windows start issues.


Fix Genius All In one Software

Backup and Restore Hard Drive

  • Different from other system healing disk, Fix Genius agree to you to back up your Windows system and information in case of data loss when fixing the errors.
  • Backup Windows system, requests, settings and other main files before a hard drive actually booms.
  • Quickly restore Windows without reinstalling Windows OS.


Fix Genius All In one Software

Recover Lost Data from Hard Drive

  • Maintenance to recover data lost due to erasing, formatting, etc. The files in crashed hard drive can be saved as well.
  • Files like photos, music, documents, videos and so on can be repaired and moved to external storing devices if you hard drive injuries.
  • Crash partition can be rebuilt easily.

Fix Genius All In one Software


Recover Passwords & Product Keys

  • Recover misplaced Windows local/domain administrator/user passwords on any Windows version: Windows10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2012/2008(R2) and etc.
  • Successfully find lost Windows product key, Microsoft Office registry key, SQL server key.


Fix Genius All In one Software

Wipe Complex Data beyond Recovery

Would like to forever delete sensitive data on your PC? Fix Genius allows you simply delete any data on your computer with no chance to recover.

  • Wipe a definite partition for clean install of software or Windows.
  • Forever delete your sensitive folder from your PC.
  • Eliminate virus file when your computer is sick with boot sector virus.
  • Wipe any data before you contributed or sold your computer.
  • All data wiped is elsewhere recovery with any data recovery software


Fix Genius All In one Software Free Download




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