Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download

Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download


Q: What are the differences between the free version and the purchased one?

The free version of Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download delivers users with simple features, allowing users to change a PDF file to a page flipping book; however there resolve be a FlipHTML5 watermark on the published eBook. In accumulation, access to the advanced structures like Page Editor to add video and audio is forbidden.


Q: Is it possible for others to manage my online books using their own accounts?

Yes, you can choose Platinum or Enterprise Plan. By selecting Platinum, your books can be accessed and managed by 3 altered accounts.


Q: How to remove your FLIPHTML5 logo from my flipbook?

There is a FLIPHTML5 logo on the book created by the free version. To remove the logo, you need to purchase one of the Premium versions. After you purchase any of the paid plans, login with your account and you can publish flipbook without FLIPHTML5 logo.

Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download

Q: Can I change the FLIPHTML5 logo with my logo?

Yes, you can, but not for Free version. Login as premium user and you can change the logo in “Custom Settings” tab.

Q: Can I use more templates?

Yes, you can. With the exception of free templates, Premium users can choose the Pro templates. Further, Platinum and Enterprise users can even use Online Templates.


Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download


Q: How to create my own HTML5 FlipBook?

  • Start FlipHTML5, create a new account and log in.
  • Create a new project and import source PDF file (Office and images only for Premium versions).
  • Choose a template and a theme and design the book with several settings.
  • Publish to local (Premium versions only) or Upload to FlipHTML5 Online Facility.



Q: Do you offer a secured reader login for readers to interface with stored publications?

Yes, you are able to set privacy for the stored publications anytime. Only you need to enter the authorization ID (Email suggested) in the privacy setting window. And first authorized readers have access to your publications on FlipHTML5 Cloud.



Flip HTML 5 Platinum Free Download



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