Franzis Color Projects Professional Free Download

Franzis Color Projects Professional

Franzis Color Projects Professional offers exclusive and new possibilities to change digital color photographs into amazing works of art – with smart tools and an effective and crystal clear
workflow. With 84 fine-tuned presets, 85 excellent expert filters, 35 professional film competitions with Grain Engine and a perfectly tuned tonal value revolution, you can now create
exclusive high-end results in full 16-bit class!

COLOR projects professional’s openly structured working edge displays the finely tuned presets on the left and the professional filters on the right.  With the film impersonation you can intensify
portrayal images and simulate a classic film look.

In COLOR projects expert – your digital photo workshop – you are the director and you can create unique and lovely works of art from the images taken with your camera.

Life has never been more colorful!
Discover the expressiveness and prettiness of your images! You will be shocked at how
COLOR projects professional opportunities your photographs into real eye-catchers –

Franzis Color Projects Professional

Franzis Color Projects Professional

No matter what type of topic you choose:

  • Landscape
  • Nature/Animals
  • Portrait
  • Nude photography
  • Technical
  • photography
  • Architecture
  • Reportage
  • Still life
  • Long exposures
  • Graphics
  • Artistic
  • Interpretation


No matter how diverse your photographs might be, COLOR plans professional has a fit preset for every subject, giving you the opportunity to modify the color, mood lights and luminescence as you like. This way, you will reach unique explanations that will simply amaze you.

Every filter can be applied separately to selected areas within the image. In this example, we selectively intensify the color luminescence for the bus – and now the image is just right.

COLOR projects professional – 100% prepared in Germany – is the new standard for penetrating and expressive images and proposals all the tools an expert photographer or photo fanatic might need to create masterful images. COLOR projects professional is not only about image adjustment and editing – this is an entire new software that lets you stage into the role of an art manager and lets you decide how your images will look.

COLOR projects professional recovers the color, luminescence and difference data as seen in the real world and not just portion of it, like digital cameras do due to their practical limitations. Using advanced algorithms, intelligent presets and high-end filters you can make images that range from actuality to being full of creative emotion and take your desire for photography to an entire new level.



Franzis Color Projects Professional Free Download





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