Hack APP Data v1.9.10 Mod APK (AD-Free) Is Here !

Hack App Data

Hack App Data

Do you want to know what data is saved for an app? And further more, do you want to modify such data?
This tool is made for fun to help you to hack apps’ data. It could view what data is saved for an app inside Android systems. It could also modify/edit apps’ data to make your score higher, explore hidden functions, etc. (Especially for some offline games). Technically speaking, it can view and edit data saved in SharedPreference and data saved in Sqlite database.
(Your device must be rooted to use this tool)


  • Modify apps/games data
  • Edit apps/games data
  • Explore hidden functions
  • Shared Preferences
  • Edit Sqlite database



File Size = 3.0 MB

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