Nektra Advanced Computing SpyStudio Free Download

Nektra Advanced Computing SpyStudio Free Download

Suggestion Application

Nektra Advanced Computing SpyStudio Free Download  displays and takes calls, displaying the results in a planned way which is easy for any IT professional to understand. SpyStudio can display registry keys and files that an application usages, COM items and Windows the application has made, and errors and exclusions.

Match Traces

When tracking down an submission error, SpyStudio can match a trace of a working application with the touch of the application which has topics. SpyStudio shows the differences in the registry and file system operations, COM item and Windows creations, and the rest of the events.

Submission Virtualization

To troubleshoot a virtual submission you can compare the virtual application’s trace with the base trace. Using this piece, you can see what is making the issue.

Application Wrapping

Nektra’s SpyStudio shortens application virtualization wrapping for VMware ThinApp and Symantec Workplace Virtualization. It includes advanced structures for application garnering, and troubleshooting. It is able to package submissions with or without installation media in ThinApp atmosphere.

Development Monitor Complement

SpyStudio is the user-mode Procmon supplement. Looking for application errors with kernel-mode traces is tiresome, and it is very difficult to see the final result of a user-mode call. With kernel-mode tools, you get a lot of sound that the submission does not see, since a single user-mode call produces lots of kernel-mode events that are not vital from the application’s perception. Most application errors are made by failed user-mode calls which expect altered state of some properties: registry keys and values, files, pipes, services and printers.

SpyStudio is also able to read Process Display logs and show them in a user friendly edge. It shows registry processes in tree form like Reedits and displays errors in red. File operations are also displayed in tree form.

.NET Troubleshoot

SpyStudio can now troubleshoot .NET applications: it logs exclusions, assembly loads, object creation and much more.

Malware Detection

SpyStudio is also being used in other IT divisions such as the cybersecurity field. The books Malware Forensics: Examining and Studying Malicious Code and Malware Forensics Meadow Guide for Windows Systems discourse one way SpyStudio can be used to fight malware.




Nektra Advanced Computing SpyStudio Free Download





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