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Certified Backup also made easy under Windows 8

O&O DiskImage 7 Pro consistent backup of data is a must for PC users. Unhappily most users shy away from it as they accept the execution of security often requires in-depth nominal knowledge. The new version 7 of O&O Diskmage proves the opposed. With just a few simple steps every PC owner can protect his central data against sudden loss.

Berlin, 17th October, 2012 -With O&O Diskmage, Berlin-based O&O Software has released its new answer for data backup which now also offers natural support for Windows 8. The restored Control Center allows users to make an image of their whole system directly after starting the program with no difficult alignment required. O&O Diskmage also images single partitions and drives as well as files and directories. Details and time schedules for images and backups can be individually set so that O&O DiskImage lends itself dreamily to both private use and expert use for businesses.

O&O DiskImage can not only rebuild lost data but also return a system image onto fully different hardware in the event of a system smash. This is done by way of a boot medium (CD or USB Stick) established on Windows PE, which takes back the normal work setting after a calamity in just a short space of time.

New and improved functions:

With the existing O&O DiskImage it is possible from Windows 7 to create a boot medium straight from within the package. The current version supports not only systems based on BIOS but also the existing EFI /UEFI systems.

O&O DiskImage 7 Pro Full Version File Backup:

For a file backup which just backs up files and folders, a freely available density program such as WinZIP can be used for restoring the files.

O&O DiskImage 7 Pro

Observing and security warnings:

The program holds an automatic checking task and warning messages are sent to users when an image is left uncompleted for too long.

Combination of files from Standard ISO files:

Standard ISO files (ISO 9660) can be fixed as virtual hard disks, as well as data image files.

Clear user guidance:

The new Figures leads the user through the selected act and explains the next steps. Before beginning the data image various options are showed. Other options, such as closing down the computer after the backup is complete, can be carefully chosen during the processing of an action.

1-Click Imaging:

With just one click, O&O DiskImage 7 Pro users can create an image of the whole computer. The 1-Click Imaging is mainly useful when using O&O DiskImage for the first time or where a system image has never been created before.

Refurbishment onto different hardware (M.I.R.):

With the combined function M.I.R. (machine independent restoration) it is now possible to return a system onto different hardware. Not only can an image or duplicate be returned onto servers and desktops with matching hardware, they can also be renovated onto machines where the motherboard or processor has been transformed, for example. After the image has been returned, the new hardware can be adjusted and the system is once again start-capable.

Several imaging methods:

For a whole image, users can choose between an image of used areas and an all-inclusive scientific image for tenacities of data recovery. An incremental or variance image will only backup those data zones that have changed since the last image operation, thus saving space.

Renovating individual files:

Image files from O&O DiskImage can be attached as virtual hard disks. This allows single files to be copied and then repaired with help from Windows Explorer,

Virtual Hard Disc (VHD):

O&O DiskImage can transform images of virtual hard disks from Microsoft (VHD) into O&O DiskImage image files and vice versa. A virtual hard disk can therefore be directly repaired.

Visualization of data:

The graphical illustration of the hard disks and drives – parallel to the disk managing in Microsoft Windows – allows for an instinctive selection of the volumes that are to be reversed up or restored. Both free and used memorial and the size of each partition are showed, which makes managing the data easier.



O&O DiskImage 7 Pro  Free Download






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